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FIFA World Cup 2018 - Match Ticket Info

All fans are required to purchase their own FIFA World Cup™ match tickets directly through the FIFA Ticketing Website.

Which tickets to buy to follow Australia

To follow Australia, select Australia's group stage matches:

Match numbers 5, 22 and 38

When are tickets available to be purchased?

Apply for tickets during the next sales phases

Sales Phase (2) - now open
Random Selection Draw (2)*: 5 Dec 17 – 31 Jan 18
First Come First Served (2): 13 Mar 18 – 3 Apr 18
Last Minute Sales Phase: 18 Apr 18 – 15 Jul 18

*Please note that during the Random Selection Draw, ticket applications submitted at any time in the sales period have an equal chance of being successful.

Can I purchase tickets for non-Socceroos matches in addition to my Australian Match Tickets?

Yes, additional tickets for non-Socceroos matches in additional to the 3 group stage matches can be purchased as Individual Match Tickets. These are available for all matches of the world cup.

Given that the draw is released on 1 Dec 2017 and Sales Phase 1 – First Come First Served closes on 28 Nov 2017, you will need to wait until Sales Phase 2 commences on 5 Dec 2017.

Sales Phase 2 – Random Selection Draw is open from 5 Dec 2017 – 31 Jan 2017. Tickets can be requested for non-Socceroos matches at any time in this period with an equal chance of obtaining them, regardless of the date they were requested.

There will also be another opportunity to purchase tickets from 13 March 2018 in the Sales Phase 2 – First Come First Served period with tickets confirmed at time of purchase.

For any further information please see the FIFA ticketing website:
Ticket Info

Cost of Tickets

Ticket prices vary depending on the category and stage selected. Please see table: Ticket Prices. Note: all values in USD.


Team Specific Ticket Series (TSTs) – price for 3 group matches

CategoryPrice USDApprox. price AUD**
Category 1693905
Category 2545711
Category 3347453
**Prices are subject to change due to the fluctuation in exchange rates. These prices were correct as at 9/11/2017.

How to purchase FIFA World Cup match tickets

To set up a ticket account for match tickets visit the FIFA ticketing website:Ticket Registration

Select “My Requests”, and sign up for a new account.

Example account:
Username: john.smith@email.com
Password: Mypassword1

General information on FAN ID

A FAN ID is a document that all world cup spectators must have to gain access to stadiums. It serves as both a tourist entry visa into Russia and also personal ID for match day entry into stadiums.

How it works:

To file an application online you need:

To file an application at a FAN ID Distribution centre you need:

Notification of status of application via SMS or email. To be approved you must have a valid passport and not be on any FIFA/FFA banned spectator lists

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