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Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan - quarter-finals 1 & 3 - Oita Stadium - Category B

The 1st and 3rd quarter-finals of Rugby World Cup 2019 will take place on the island of Kyushu at Oita Stadium, Oita Prefecture.

The big 3 teams of from pool C; England, France and Argentina will battle it out to be the winner of the pool. Quarter-final 1 will see the winner of this pool take on the Runner-Up of pool D which could feature Wales or Australia barring any upsets.

In quarter-final 3, the winner of pool D (likely to be Australia or Wales), will take on the Runner-Up from pool C (England, France or Argentina).

Hotel Accommodation

We have three hotels located in Fukuoka for the Quarter-finals weekend. The city of Oita is small so the overwhelming majority of fans will be staying in Fukuoaka. All our hotels are located within 700 metres (walking distance) from Hakata Station in Fukuoka which is 2 hours on the train from Oita Station. Oita Station is located in the middle of town, 8km from Oita Stadium.

Final Hotel availability as at 4 July:

Yaoji Hakata Hotel:
5x single rooms

Hakata Tokyo REI Hotel:
5x double rooms only

Royal Park Hotel Fukuoka:
5x twin rooms only
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Yaoji Hakata Hotel Package (3 star)

from $2,190

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Hakata Tokyu REI Hotel Package (3 star)

from $2,090

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Royal Park Hotel The Fukuoka Package (4 star)

from $2,390

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